Monica Prandi and Roberto Marroni

ROBERTO MARRONI by MARRONI DESIGN: It’s more than 30 years that his ideas become Jewels. “Art, design, echoes from the past and nature are fundamentals to create my luxury decorations, to become an exclusive Jewel”

“I am a lover of beauty” He loves to create the beauty, and gives to each jewel his own interiority. This comes from many components: first of all from the tradition he acquired from the past, so an ancient manufacturing; then from the use of noble materials just like diamonds, gold and natural semiprecious stones.

“Jewels are a part of me. My father opened a Jewelry Shop in Umbria in the 50’s, and since I was a child I loved to spend time in my father’s shop, so I can say I’ve always been breathing this world.” Roberto’s training process to learn the goldsmith workmanship started when he was very young, and eventually he settled in Valenza, heart of the Italian Jewellery, where he improved the artisanal attitude and developed his design’s creativity. He was only eighteen-years-old when his first works received important awards just for his creative and innovative force.

“All starts from an emotion, a feeling, an intuition and the soul is my added value.” Collections are completely handmade by our Master Craftsmen in our workshop in Valenza (Italy); their manual skill and artisanal perfection mean Made in Italy and are essential elements for creating utterly unique Jewels.

Marroni Design is now a brand, a significant enterprise in this sector, both for its style and for the modality of selling, between traditional jewellery boutiques and department stores all over the world.

Women wearing jewels designed by Roberto Marroni have accentuated personalities, both strong or delicate; they follow fashion but always choose with their own instinct, and are fond of their jewel which becomes expression of their way of beeing.

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